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Hi we're a new clan looking for more recruits only requirement is 1750+ total level!@!@:D

Pretty relaxed clan we came from a clan where our owners left and left no co-owner or anything so we left and made our own clan... We do everything from skilling to pvm we hold clan events. We are mostly rejects so you know what it is without me having to say anything.
We troll each other so if you wear your heart on your sleeve jus give us a heads up and will be nice to you.... obviously we won't troll bad and won't start till we get to know you... but, if this clan sounds like a home for you jus hmu in game and ill come recruit you or if im not on hit up any of the following:

iJman- owner
xiZachix(me)-co owner
Kiernan222- co owner
Lil Tealily- co owner
Styles P- co owner

Also feel welcomed to guest to see if it seems like a clan for you! thanks have a great day and get some gainz!

02-Mar-2019 23:12:31

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Thread moved to the recruitment forum that seems the best fit, based on your total level requirement. (The Recruitment – Looking for a clan Forum is not for threads from clans.)

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