Lost Causes

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Welcome to
Lost Causes

Ever felt like a lost cause standing around thinking what to do and where to go, then you are in the right place. A group of 5 friends set the clan up on 6th January 2019 with a new challenge in mind - set up and grow a social / relaxed clan from a T-1 citadel.

Dont want to get lost in a large clan and want to help us strive / grow? If you are up for a challenge then we would appreciate your help to help the
Lost Causes

Clan Details:

* Home world 23
* Capping and events
* Friendly & knowledgeable leader, supported by Deputy Owners
* Hardcore and Ironmen Welcome

Clan Requirements

All welcome

Clan Leaders


Stapo - Maxed
Deputy Owner

Oggie - Maxed
ToadsCrown - New account with Alt Maxed
A Little Mad - Hardcore Ironwoman
Nohope - Hardcore Ironwoman

Clan Rules

We aim to provide a relaxed clan but rules have to be set for people who wish to break them.
* Follow all Runescape rules
* No offensive language
* No begging - Items / Money
* Most of all have a good time

Feel free to guest but please be patient while the clan is setting up as there will be quiet time's in the clan chat. If you have any questions please contact any of the owners.
may contain nuts O_o

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