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Quick find code: 290-291-362-65977685

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Sixth Circle, is a mature community of RuneScape players with active members and leaders from all around the world!
If you are looking to join; an active clan, that does not have mandatory capping, then we are the clan for you.
We highly encourage you to; guest chat, if looking to join or just kick it.

Sixth Circle, fosters a NON ELITIST community:
- PvM & Raids
- Skilling & events
- Warbands & PKing
- Social aspect

What we ask from you;
- Be active and social!
- No begging, asking for charity or luring.
- Join our discord, to keep up with all clan news and events

Discord invite link:

Runeclan link:

Runescape Forum:
Quick find code: 90-91-431-65975767

Message any of us for an invite, or contact via discord.
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