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GREETINGS! I am here to invite you to
. We are an all around clan filled with
. If you're looking for a clan that will help you when you're confused, provide you with good conversation when grinding through those boring skills or just looking for a place to hang out then give us a shot!

we are a clan looking to develop a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

clan chat:
Dark Perception
feel free to guest in the chat to see if you like us

Clan World
14 (not mandatory)

key factors in DP:

1750 skill total
no mandatory citadel work
optional clan events
friendly, helpful clan
tier 7 citadel
Clan lotto for those who choose to cap at the citadel
Boss teaching

Thanks for your time and consideration

01-Aug-2018 21:51:32

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Duplicate thread closed.

Please remember that to be fair to all clans, each clan should only have one recruitment thread, posted in the forum that is the best fit for the clan, based either on requirements or activities.

Hoffles said:
1750 skill total

This forum is for clans that have no requirements for joining. Your clans has a requirement, Therefore the thread in the Recruitment - Skilling Clans Forum is the better placed, so please continue to use that thread.

Good luck :)

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02-Aug-2018 06:39:18

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