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Amen Ra

Amen Ra

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A Family of Friends

Hello im Amen Ra Overseer for 'A Family of Friends'

I am recruiting on behalf of my clan we are a very young very sociable and friendly group with a tier 3 citadel,
being young is great if you want to drive yourself up the ranks of higher members of the clan quickly and be one of the main people to help us make our clan great and have a big future.


We accept any ages, levels and ftp or members,
all we ask is to help others in the clan as best you can and try to cap in the citadel is you able to.

Targets And Benefits:

Our main target is to be a tight nit group of friends have a laugh a joke and enjoy what this game has to offer.
Of course everyone wants to be the best and hopefully we can drive our citadel to be complete with all skills and eventually create a type of hierarchy of devoted clan members to help drive this young clan forward and upwards.
We Hope to have a facebook page when more members are recruited and discord.

we can all benefit on experienced members for knowledge of quests, items, daily tasks, events, and skilling in our group,

every cap completion will result in a promotion so fast progression is our aim.

How Do I Sign Up?:

You can request to sign up by adding: 'Josh lvl 3' (Owner) / 'nicole9217' (Deputy Owner') / Myself 'Amen Ra' (Overseer).

Us recruiters are on almost every evening so you cant miss us.

Please join our clan chat as a guest if you want to check us out type in: A Family of Friends

Looking forward to speaking to you soon!

Amen Ra

15-Apr-2019 00:02:24

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