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Welcome to the Insolitus Anima clan recruitment page! :P


We are a mature community based clan looking for a more active member base right now! Being in our clan insures you a very calm and helpful atmosphere. The clan was founded on March 17, 2017 as a place to call home while enjoying what RuneScape has to offer. There are no level restrictions to join, be they level 3 or level 138. We have a lot of knowledgeable players that are willing to help you with any questions you may have about the game. Along with that there are many of us that enjoy bossing and are happy to help with any reapers that you may have. We are still growing right now and have many events planned for the future the more and more we develop. Please, all are welcome to guest in our clan and our Discord (Link found below)! Hope we can find some like minded players! :D


Citadel Tier 6 (70% towards Tier 7)

Two Avatars


Level: None

Must be a RuneScape Member

Must make a effort to visit the Citadel once every week

Must be in our Clan Discord

A Mature player

=-=-=-=-=-=-Discord Link-=-=-=-=-=-=

Clan Rules under this post (Must Read Before Joining)

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No botting, scamming, luring or begging. All of these things will be an immediate kick and ban!

Obey all Runescape rules and policies including their Code of Conduct.

Be respectful to all clan members. If you are having issues with anyone PM the Owner, IxLostMySwag or any of the Keys so we can work things out.

No derogatory speech, racism, keep clan chat reasonably clean.

No drama! If you are having problems with someone keep it out of clan chat. Work it out outside of the clan chat. This rule is weighed very heavily... Please, we are here to enjoy RuneScape. We try hard to keep this community chill.

Visit the citadel every week! Capping is not a requirement, but is much appreciated. It helps all of us out. :)

English only in the clan chat.

=-=-=-=-=-=-Want to join??-=-=-=-=-=-=

If you have read all the rules and requirements and would like to join our community, please contact any of the following members for a invite to the clan:


IxLostMySwag Discord Tag: #4516

Deputy Owners:

Dr Hat
Joe OwO


Saint Lyza
J e e t

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