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• How did you find our clan? (Or the name from who referred you)
Knalfox is the one who told me about this clan. I also know him in real life. :)

• Why are you interested in joining us?
I like a clan that pays attention in their members, organizes events and when i look at this clan it does both. :)

• Total lvl: 2108

• Are you P2P or F2P (if F2P are you planning to become P2P in the future?):

• Timezone (optional): BST+1

• Clan history; previous clan(s) (and reason for leaving (optional)):
Evil pudding, i didn't really feel accepted there.
Heroes of Heaven, little efford is made to make the clan a fun place for everyone.

• Do you intend to cap in our citadel weekly? (Note: This is not mandatory):
I'm not much of a citadel worker. I play RuneScape mainly for community interaction like events but i don't think capping will be a big problem here.

• Is there anything you would like to tell about yourself/what you do in game?
I can't think of anything except that i'm still a student. I'm sure you'll get to know me in the CC. :)

* Are you interested in using our Teamspeak/Offsite (Which one or both)?
I don't use teamspeak, i do skype sometimes. I do like forums on websites and there seems to be usefull stuff on your website so sure.

• Do you agree with the clan rules/guidelines posted on this thread?
Certainly, i think those rules are only natural.

• Will you read through our new members guide thread after joining? (Most of it is the same but the 1st posts hold some more detailed info about the clan).
I'll do so right after i click the "submit" button of this post, promised. :)
Read and understood
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