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Hello, and welcome. Thank you for reading the EU Friends Clan recruitment thread.

We are a group of like minded people who have joined together to enrich and enhance Runescape life. Many tasks, skills, quests and games are better when you have friends to share them with. We hope to provide a peaceful, hassle free, mature clan, in which to enjoy all the ups and downs of the game, and of course, who does not enjoy the gratzzz of friends when you achieve an objective.
We have members with great experience, and members who are just starting their journey, but regardless of experience, everyone is welcome and can contribute to the clan.

Clan Rules

- Applicants must be over 18 years of age
- Obey all Jagex Rules.
- All clan members must be treated with respect regardless of rank or experience.
- Offensive language will not be tolerated.
- Offensive behaviour should be left outside the clan chat.
- Never seek promotion, it will be offered when the leaders think it has been earned.
- Multiple accounts are allowed but please let us know your main.
- Respect is a key word, for clan mates and other clans.
- Be active, be happy and be proud of your clan.
- Help to build a citadel to be proud of.

We want our clan to be the best! Are you prepared to step up and soar with us ?

Clan owner

Deputy Owners
Faerie Celt. Ben Kimim.

27-Jul-2018 22:30:48



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Please apply using the form below, thanks.

RS Username:
Combat Lvl:
Total Lvl:
Current goals:
Are you willing to help build the citadel ?:
Did you read the rules and fully understand them ?:

Anything else we might need to know ?:

Your application will be reviewed asap, and we will let you know our decision.
Feel free to guest the clan chat.

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