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We're fast approaching one million likes over on the official RuneScape Facebook page. As a thank-you for everybody who's showed their support to the game, we're awarding all players with a unique Book of Faces cosmetic reward when we hit the big one million!

Upon reaching a million, the Book of Faces will be available to equip from within your in-game customisation interface, providing a brilliantly bookish override for your character's head slot!
So, don't forget to like RuneScape, if you haven’t already:

Liking RuneScape on Facebook is a great way to keep up-to-date with all of the latest RuneScape news, events and competitions, and discuss the world's greatest adventure with other players!
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Nox Tenebris
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.... why should they. Ppl have a right not to be attacked by huge amounts of annoying pkers as soon as they go into the wildy, for something as innocent as star mining, or the mage arena. What about ppl wanting to fight enemies and *** ppl? Why should they be pked a soon as they enter the wildy. Have some compassion for ppl who dont pk.

28-Nov-2012 17:32:49

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