NXT Beta Weekend #1 | 19th Feb

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This is my first ever forum I hope that it's ok. I just wanted to give some feedback on the NXT beta. I've been playing on the new beta all weekend and so far I am in love with the new graphics, the shadows and light textures are awesome and I adore the new look of the water and the reflections, especially at Catherbery...Runescape has never looked more thank you so much, great job! I'm excited for the new NXT to be introduced permanently and will be kinda sad when the beta is over and I can't see the new graphics and be able to see all the things in the distance, this new feature is cool :)

I've found quite a few glitches and bugs that I've reported to Jagex, mainly related to animations not working properly like some skilling animations and the ice asylum ability doesn't seem to show up for me. Kind of got stuck a few times on slayer tasks too when my character either froze or decided to go running on the spot lol. I find that some things are slow to load like the contents of my bank and the landscapes/lodestones when using the lodestone network. Also I had a problem when changing from drygores to my zaryte bow, even tho the bow was equipped, my character still displayed as holding my drygores.

Thankfully I've had no problems downloading the client or running it on my laptop.^_^

Good luck with further developing the NXT client!
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22-Feb-2016 00:19:45

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BUG REPORT UPDATE: Item icons are definitely a bit buggy at the moment. Not only will the icons not load, though some are completely glitched out, and are represented with icons of completely unrelated items, which are completely random and are nothing in specific (usually happens inside the bank).

Another bug I have discovered is with the example feature on players. When I go to examine players, so far it has only ever blacked out my entire screen, and the actual examine window itself is glitched out to the point where I can't really do anything with it, so I have to exit back out of it.

If I discover anything else, I'll make sure to post it on here (or on the actual NXT forum category. Just noticed you guys added that :D ).

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Loved the enhanced graphics and despite some of the issues already identified; running on the spot, bank rendering of items, strange things happening with slayer mobs and Player Owned Ports, it ran as smoothly as silk.

It's a huge improvement, thanks and well done!

22-Feb-2016 06:20:54

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Tifa says Hi

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Mod William said:

If you’ve had continuous membership since 31st January 2012, or you’re currently a Gold Premier Club member, you’ll be among the first to try out the new game client.

soo... I've been paying for membership since 2006. I was not allowed access. :(
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22-Feb-2016 11:05:53

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Its sad to see the beta end so soon, the graphics textures everything about the beta was off the charts! yes they were some bugs, but the performance it brings is just flawless! I managed to run the client at max settings with NO issues! Keep up the good work Jagex!

22-Feb-2016 14:22:16

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I expect the NXT beta has ended in this instance. That is a bit of a shame - we had not finished testing it on some computer types and especially with anti-virus systems and other potential collision-causing interferences. I gave one of the computers we used another 16 gig of RAM this morning but that did not change the performance, so the problems reported from these tests were not caused by lack of memory.

One of the things we did find was that removing affinity from core 1 (Win 7/ i7/580) when Firefox was also running helped performance. (Firefox does seem to have some thread management issues). We also found that installing on rotating media as compared to SSD didn't make a huge difference to texture streaming speeds (although some).

Can't wait until the next version and more beta runs.

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