NXT Beta Weekend 18th March

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The next NXT Closed Beta weekend kicks off at 12:00 UTC on the 18th of March, ending on the 21st of March at 12:00 UTC.

If you've had continuous membership since 31st January 2012, or you're currently a Gold Premier Club member, you’ll have another chance try out the new game client.

As before, your feedback will be essential in preparing NXT for release, and the Gamebreaker title is on the table for prolific bug finders.

When the beta goes live, we'll announce it in the website’s news feed. You'll be able to download the latest version of the client from 10am.

Save the date, and get ready for another weekend of glorious NXT 'Scaping!

04-Mar-2016 16:40:37

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I didn't meet the requirements to be granted beta access last time. Nevertheless, I somehow got an invite to the beta and played it last time. I still have access to the NXT forum. Will I be given access again this time, or am I going to have to sit this one out?
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04-Mar-2016 16:53:17

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Jollyscout said:
Will there be many improvements towards the lower end graphics cards and machines since last beta?

Yes performance has improved slightly

And now in the special build for very low end cards we are no longer forcing as many settings off, as we have fixed the issues that required them to be forced off in the first place. If your low-end card allows it (most will), you can now enable textures, nice water, shadows, etc. But expect framerate to be lowered accordingly!

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