NXT Closed Beta Weekend 2

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Overall the experience was amazing, I had some issues with my inventory, and items in bank not showing up correctly. Mainly the bank issue was no item count .....Couldn't tell how many items were in stacks. The items in inventory were very glitched in Zanaris in Legacy mode. Sometimes while farming I had issues with my inventory not showing items but a quick logout and back in usually fixed the issue. I believe this will be just like it was when we went from playing in the little box on the screen to full screen, hopefully soon we will all wonder how we played RS without NXT!
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22-Mar-2016 02:41:01

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I forgot to mention this when taking the survey. It would be nice you all could add back the symbols for the doors on the minimap for dungeoneering. I noticed without them I miss a lot of doors, and I have to keep checking the Daemonheim map more often to make sure I have all the doors open. Other than that, and what I mentioned in the survey, I really like the NXT beta, and am very excited to be able to use it permanently one day! :D

Thank you for all the awesome work that you guys do!! ^_^
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22-Mar-2016 04:15:49

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CMOT Dibbler said:
Tried to install the client on my MacBook Air. Successful only once! Don't know why. But all other times client would not start at all.
But the one time that I could play the scenery was awesome and there was a lot more to see. Nice job done!
Hopefully you can do some testing on the Mac client for the next NXT release!

Same thing on my MAC. Needed to remove settings.jcache file and app would start again. I believe it happened due to window size mode(windowed). Before I've figured it out there were also segmentation fault 11 code when i tried to exec launcher inside app.

And same thing happens now with old java client. App does not start says its damaged and cant be opened although i removed completely NXT client and installed freshly old one client. Now I'm launching app through exec launcher

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They say NXT will look and work better...

AM* A6300 6 core 4ghz
Kingstong 8GB DDR
Intenso SSD 120 GB
Powercolor Radeon HD 6970 2GB
Resolution 1050p

Highest settings with 60 fps are with cooling fans running fast and loud:

Roofs: select
Draw dist: med
AA: FXAA Ultra (still edges arent as smooth as java)
Water: med
Shadows: low
Lighting: med
V-sync: adapt
Everything else checked.

AM* Athlon 64x 1,6ghz
AMD Radeon x1200 128mb
DDR2 1,5gb ram
5400 rpm hdd

Java client still works. (terribly)
NXT loads up every other time and hags after showing some terrain graphics. Then needs to be closed and restarted.

Otherwise NTX runs very well on the desktop PC. Some graphical breaking and flickering occurred on some noted items lying on the floor and on dungeoneering water squares. Also dung doors disappeared from minimap after walking to a first new room on each floor.

22-Mar-2016 19:53:48

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Hu, I think my posts never got posted.......weird. So here is what I remember.
Well if you don't know the animals south of oo'log had no color, I mean they were white. The divine locations were so bright that it hurt to look at and it pixelates a bit around the area. Pawya and Grenwalls glow and this causes a bit of pixelation as well.
In the citadel I noticed that when you got to the mold at the furnace, it stayed full even after being emptied. The citadel torches and oblesliks at the summon plot also share the brightness problem.
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22-Mar-2016 23:50:54

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Oh, the divine energy resembles black blobs with only a hint of color to show what kind of energy they were. Please make them look like they did originally.
When fighting Lava Wyrms in the wildy I noticed their fight mechanics were quite jerky. In one, the lava wyrm would go underground to travel to your spot, it would move, stop, move, stop, move, stop, before erupting; rather than doing so in one smooth motion.

Also the noted items look rather odd and in some cases its hard to see what something is without right clicking on to check.
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22-Mar-2016 23:55:28

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I dont know for sure if this is the right topic but i noticed during the last NXT weekend that at Seers the sparkling lights of the magic trees keep on flickering even when the trees are gone.
I had some issues before i could login and it took me some time to adjust the preferences,but over all ,i really like this new version of RS a lot! Especially the gano area looks really awesome

23-Mar-2016 10:37:48

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