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If the offer goes through, does this mean anything on changes to MTX?

EDIT: Unless the CEO is in charge of this really.

What is MTX? Or, do you mean NXT, vyrey? :D (that's mentioned in the original post)

PS: I remember reading about a glitch called MTX, hence the gyroconfusion.

Did you buy your account? You have the Mortar Board hat , so you've been around for awhile but yet don't know what MTX stands for. This original post is from page 2.

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Lord Speed
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I know that this is beating a dead horse but my primary concern is micro-transactions and enforcement of the rules (banning bots namely). We've been told that MTX will not come to OSRS, can you say definitively that will still be the case? Will botting enforcement policies be mitigated (will bots be permanently banned on a first offense)? I'm sure there is lots of uncertainty for the OSRS team as well. I, like many others, just want an announcement as to what you know in regards to this issue even if it is "we don't know either".

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I completely agree Moerdred. I have been playing this game for nearly 10 years now, with nearly a year of played time on my account. Over the past few months I have brought back dozens of friends to this game after they left due to game changes. I even helped in a gaming event with about 300 attendees and I saw many people playing Runescape, which was fantastic. I can honestly say if this acquisition goes through that I will not longer be playing Runescape. I respect all of the Jmods and I love Jagex, but this is ridiculous.

16-Mar-2016 15:12:19

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Completely ignoring the real-life situation with the mining company as already discussed and mentioned heavily throughout this thread, my main concern is a potential increase in micro-transactions. We already have a large amount of these and although the Chinese and Korean games make the amount pale, the amount really shouldn't increase. It has already affected virtually every aspect of the game and whilst it seems to be somewhat balanced these days (major props to especially Mod Daze for incorporating proper gameplay to many of the recent Treasure Hunter promotions!), it is a very fine line to walk. The entire aspect of OSRS needs to be discussed, too. I'll be looking forward to the answers :).

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16-Mar-2016 15:26:48

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I am the only player from Hong Kong(a part of china),if can develop the market in asia espically in h.k. like league of legends would be nice
we need more information on the cooperation with china company.
Our concerns : how to solve the botting problem and real world trading?

Players' wishes is to keep osrs continuous develop ,improve the players' opinion collection and redevelop funorb games

16-Mar-2016 15:29:13

Bill Teach
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If its not too late to ask a question....

If the acquisition goes through- (and RS hits the asian markets)

What will happen to the game in terms of censorship? Its been stated by mod raven on previous streams that you've had to tone down on some things because they were too dark or would be taboo for certain cultures and you guys didn* want RS banned from any region & have to tailor content so that it fits a variety of cultures. How will the acquisition effect existing content? Will you guys be censoring or removing things? I kind of assume nothing will happen here and the game will stay as is, and i dont think it would effect any future content but you never know.

Will we see official 'Asian' servers and with NXT support for mandarin & japanese kanji/kana ingame and on forums? Will this mean anything for the australian servers/players?

What will this mean for TH, Solomons and the price of runecoins & keys? WIll they stay the same? Go up in price? will membership go up in price as well due to this...? or will it finally go back down?
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Foff jagex, please do not make the same mistake u made back in the days. Jagex is a british company, dont let a random chinese company steal your little empire. Be proud that your company is one of the best known british game company.

16-Mar-2016 15:40:17

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