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So where do I post the stuff that I think require a fix?

Construction 1 is very OP -> reduce working time
Scroll bar not properly working after unlocking lumbridge castle
Woodcutting 1 is also OP -> reduce working time

Con/Wc can both be spamclicked for massive gp. I was struggling making 200k for an upgrade and when I used the ability I managed to get myself up to 2.5m in seconds.

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Loving this beta so far. Now for a few suggestions.

1 - have all the skills available at the start but unlock them as the game progresses. (Possible glitch - I need to upgrade slayer to lvl 25 but it's not on the skills menu)

2 - Thread quest has to be redone with the option to X out. I had to restart the whole game because I couldn't leave the screen. Later I had to do a hard reset just to have a normal game again. After the Thread quest reset, the costs for skills and training are insanely high.

Looking forward to making it through the Stronghold Dungeon finally.

16-Jul-2016 16:41:49

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