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Ever wanted your own IRL summoning familiar?

Grab the awesome pack yak plushie, fresh from the grazing fields of the official RuneScape merchandise store. This cuddly little buddy is the first official RuneScape plushie toy – but stocks are limited.

Hurry and pre-order yours now - shipping starts from the 4th June.

Pack Yack Plushie

Baroo! Baroo!

The RuneScape Team

16-May-2016 17:00:21

Primal king
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Primal king

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cute pluchie that yak and its just advice jagax if you make new pluchies in next time make runescape bosses like


king black dragon


and maybe more other diffrent pluchies bosses in runescape but its just advice

16-May-2016 18:04:41 - Last edited on 16-May-2016 18:05:51 by Primal king

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Yeah I was going to buy one too.
40$+ (including shipping)
does seem pretty steep, but it does look well-made. I was hoping it would be around
. Oh well, maybe I'll get it later.

17-May-2016 07:50:59

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