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Not by doing broken virus ridden surveys but by playing them game!

Rather than getting a TH key every once in awhile get like 50 Runecoins and get 100 per quest.

TH is fine and all but I'd personally rather earn nice cosmetics through my questing and adventuring than a key that only has a slim chance of even being useful. And not to sound vain but I think the majority of players will stand with this mindset.

17-Jul-2018 17:02:19

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50per TH key drop seems so OP.
Just as the 100runecoins per quest lol.
It's like going for quest cape but in the meanwhile getting every item in the Solomon's store.
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17-Jul-2018 17:51:16

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no support

And I have gotten over 24k Runecoins over 3 years on a total of 4 accounts.

I dont lie on the surveys either. You just have to know how to do it.
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I used to have fantastic luck with the survey things, but after two years ago, not so much. So I quit doing them because they all were such a time suck and waste of effort. Easier to spend a few hours working and buy them. Clan:
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21-Jul-2018 18:48:11

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Pippyspot said:
I wouldn't mind seeing it added to the game like that, but I think it should be 10 or 20 runecoins instead

^ that

if you got the runecoins much like TH keys, found while skilling or killing, it would be quite a nice little "thank you"

could even be on the same thing as the TH keys are in that it could roll for either, th key or 10 runecoins

could be a good way of getting them?

22-Jul-2018 15:52:18

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