Templar Armour: Why?

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The Templar armour override is acquired at the end of The Death of Chivalry, by searching all the coffins in the final room while also being a member.

Earlier you were able to acquire the armour as a member, but wear it as a F2P. I thought that was nice, as it would give me some cosmetic options even when my mems ran out.

So why is it suddenly Members-only to wear, too? Really not a fan of this choice, especially if it includes other outfits I haven't found yet as well, seeing as how I'll sometimes use a Bond to get Mems specifically to collect "free" cosmetics.

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Cosmetics are often a members lure.

I can see why Runecoin cosmetics could be used in F2P, since they can be bought in F2P, but anything that is earned in someway via membership is likely intended as a lure.

But on the bright side, membership is great! Far more satisfrying than Free-to-Procrastinate!

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Shooter Mann

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It's just jagex being greedy. Few members items can be used in f2p.
Like jumpers or the snowcape.

Jagex practices shady tactics like most other developers these days to coerece people to pay money to access things they already own.

12-Jan-2019 20:53:26

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Just tested the override set and still usable in free play for me so perhaps the Templar Armour was never meant to be free play use with out active membership ( like some other mem's overrides / 4 menaphos sets / abyssal knight / 3 override reword sets from dimension of disaster) to name a few members override sets that can be used in f2p, (not sure about without membership) and just took jmods a stupidly long time to patch.

I would think that when my memberships runs out, I would not be able to use those overrides any more eaver in the free play worlds.

Although personally I would vote to let free play access and use the Templar Armour if they got the str level to open the cript, but also give it a secondy requirement like all free quests completed.

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