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Please jagex :) do this!:D, the new saradomin armour sucks, and the gilded looks terrible I want you to make this so I can purchase it from the solomon store on my main :) and I'm sure a lot of other people would do it to, I would love something on my main that matches my defence cape and other capes and the old school saradomin/gilded armour looked mint before you updated it now it looks terrible to complex and complicated, simple is better. this should be added to suggestions but ill add it here :)! hope Jagex reads this and suggest it:).

04-Oct-2017 15:51:16

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Just for comparison's sake. I will say that nostalgia gets me pretty good looking at the old armors, but in terms of bad assery, the new armors do look fairly dope. I have nothing against there being the option for people who want to relive the olden days though, especially since they already offer (t) and (g), so why not?

06-Oct-2017 19:47:59

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