discontinueds as cosmetics

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No support, original discontinueds are to be kept discontinued.

Lady Naaka said:
I NEED that emote. I can't stand not being able to get this.

Last time I checked, there is zero content in the game that requires any resting emotes, so no, you don't need it. You *want* it, but you don't need it, and if you feel like your desire to get it is that strong, you might be getting unhealthily addicted to the game.

Lady Naaka said:
if you put this on solomons store along with other cosmetic versions of discont.s I guarantee a slight rise in profits as well as a boost to player satisfaction. Because seeing things one will never be able to obtain is very upsetting.

It might or might not give a boost for them in the short term; however, deceiving the old players by re-releasing original discontinueds will hurt them in the long term, so no, it's not worth it. If missing out on discontinueds upsets you, rather than asking for re-releases, what you should be doing is prevent cosmetics from becoming discontinued in the first place; persuade Jagex to stop discontinuing cosmetics, by having them always available from some source since the beginning.
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13-Jun-2018 08:13:13

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