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So I was looking to get one of the pets that was on sale, and noticed I was exactly 1 runecoin off of being able to get it (it costs 487, and with bonds I'm at 486). Is there any way to get that w/o using those peanutlabs things that look to be phishing sites?
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19-Jan-2019 15:48:33

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You could try your luck and either contact the customer support and ask for the missing runecoin, or by going to social medias like Reddit and posting a meme about being 1 runecoin shy (e.g. feelsbadman type of thing), hoping that a random jmod passes by and feels nice.
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19-Jan-2019 15:51:37

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If you scroll down to "Offers" and filter by "Lowest reward," most of the low reward offers are for anywhere from 1-5 RuneCoins. The ones that provide one or two RC usually only require you to visit their site and/or flip through a 10-page slideshow. I recommend using an adblocker :) @Lisaa_RS - Followed by @Runescape
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19-Jan-2019 15:52:03

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