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Opium Poppy

Opium Poppy

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The one from 2013. As far as I can tell from the wiki, it wasnt part of a charity event, special promotion, Holiday offer or anything like that, it was just taken out of Solomons. It's quite unique with the facepaint and also the Panda ears are very cute. I havent seen anyone wearing it ingame which is disappointing because I think it looks fantastic.

Would there be any problems in bringing the Panda Outfit back for a while?

30-Jul-2017 04:59:26

Opium Poppy

Opium Poppy

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Here are some pics for those not familiar with the outfit:

It's a gorgeous outfit, the detail is still superb. You can see an interesting 2D/3D effect with the pearl necklace, so much about the outfit is unique. As I said, it wasn't a promo, redeem code, holiday gift, associated with a charity or anything like that it was just removed from Solomons for some unknown reason so I don't believe there is any reason people would have to get angry with Jagex if they brought it back.

2012/2013 was a very very long time ago, I'm hoping this will get noticed and at least be considered.

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Opium Poppy said:
^However unlike those outfits, the Panda outfit was never described as being Limited Edition, on a timed rotation or anything else like that. It was simply taken off Solomons.
The shadow outfits neither (only exception is Drake and Dragoon). Panda outfit was removed after Januari sales. Maybe Jagex could bring back everything from the Januari sales, including Panda, for a short time.
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31-Jul-2017 10:26:04

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