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Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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I Achilles said:

- The Master crafter
- The Master cook
- The Master magician
- The Master slayer
- Master of mining
- The smithing Master
- The Master fletcher
- The master hunter
- The dung master


If this is supposed to be adding new things to sgs, then why is ingame unlocks here?

Or are you saying we'll be restricted from buying these till 120?

If so i dont support that.
Draco Burnz
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Support and

11-Dec-2017 23:37:23

I Achilles
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I Achilles

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You'll get the title at level 120, just like you get a 99 cape at 99, you can get this title WITH your 120 cape, so it shows that you're a REAL skilling master.
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12-Dec-2017 18:27:40

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I only want 3 teleport animation...

And they are in / from this pack;

I know there is a typo in the picture with the pack for the title, it's double c and single s (the accused, not the acussed)
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