Retro Korasi's sword.

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We have the old Void knight armour, why not a retro Korasi's sword?

Would be nice to have a version of it + a offhand with it.
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16-Dec-2016 23:11:18

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I was always a cheap player haha.... I used my korasi sword for a very very long time as its t75
weapon and was cheap.. it was free haha. my offhand was the one from void knight outpost
also a t75 i think.. Jennikas sword.. may be wrong on that name. But they were my go to weapons until I was almost a maxed player. I had all my 99's in combat for a very long time
before I finally broke down and bought drygores. I kept my swords.

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21-Dec-2016 12:36:39

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When I first started the game, my only goal was to get Korasi's Sword, because of my love of the Void Knight's and all their minigames. Once I finally got the sword, 7 years later, the appearance changed, and in my opinion, it looks way worse. I just want the sword in the style that I've wanted for so long.


18-May-2017 21:49:41

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