Store Animations and Safari?

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As the title says, the animations for items in the Solomons store do not show.

I am on a Mac using Safari to view the items... It's been like this for a while but I thought I'd wait it out and see if time fixed it but it hasn't. I have cleared my cache as well to no avail. Google Chrome does work but I prefer to use Safari.

Is anyone else experiencing this with Safari?

20-Jun-2017 23:53:02

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I have the same problem. I think the animations must be running in flash. The animation will briefly start and then quickly fade to a default tiled screen. Quite often when I come across flash animations on websites, they won't run. Safari usually offers to run once, as flash has security issues, but this does not happen on Solomons Store. I usually want to see how 'naff' an animation is before I decide to buy it, so I often don't bother. I don't like running third party software on my iMac, and like the security of a Unix System. Hence Safari only for me.

16-Jul-2017 21:31:20

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As Smorkey says, this is because Safari does not have Adobe Flash in-built.

A browser like Chrome does, or alternatively you can enable it for Safari...:

1. Download Adobe Flash from the official website
2. Install it. It will appear in System Preferences as "Flash Player"
3. Open Safari "Preferences" cmd, or click "Safari" in the top bar and look for "Preferences"
4. Go to "Security" tab
5. Check "Allow Plug-ins" if not already checked
6. Click "Plug-in Settings"
7. You will see "Adobe Flash Player" version x.x.x.x.x.x in the right pane; check it
8. Go into the Adobe Flash section in pane with an SGS page open at the same time
9. Turn the option ON for
10. Click "Done" to save changes
11. Refresh SGS and it should work.

I would keep Flash Player OFF for all other websites. (There is an option that says "When visiting other websites: off/on" that is the default.)

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If you don't want to download flash or anything, you could also probably find most animation on youtube. I know a lot of people don't like using or updating flash all the time, especially when I don't think much uses it anymore. At least it doesn't seem like much uses it. Come the Sixth-Age, the world will need the World Guardian.

19-Jul-2017 15:04:16

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