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I've noticed i lots of cool weapons and overrides but theres no overrides for katanas i was wondering if you will ever make some in game weapons for more availability and some override weapons also in the solomon's store cheers and thank you have a lovely day.

23-Oct-2018 10:37:45

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We have:

Samurai Owari override
Golden katana
Auspicious katana
Ornate katana
Tetsu katana

We could use more, but I'd rather see a weapon variance update before we get more of a weapon type.
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23-Oct-2018 19:07:36

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I wouldn't mind a few more. Personally I've love to see a whole pack of new Eastern weapon overrides, not just katanas. There's certainly lots of potential, whether it comes in the form of stuff from Solomon, brand new actual weapons that could be keepsaked, or some Eastern themed D&D.

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I would definitely like to see more Katana and eastern gear overrides. Owari/Golden/Auspicious/Ornate katana overrides are/were locked behind a paywall, pretty much leaving the Tetsu Katana as being the only obtainable katana that can be gotten from gameplay. Quest Cape Skill Requirements
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24-Oct-2018 02:42:21

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