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Hey everyone, I for some reason am totally obsessed with the Mahjarrat, and it saddens me that I missed out on obtaining the cosmetic over ride. Would there be anyway to release a Mahjarrat head or over ride for the shop? OR is there anyway I can obtain this? Because I have been waiting for this for quite awhile and am killing myself for missing the opportunity.

24-Feb-2016 07:11:22

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. I came back to the game after hearing about the Mahjarrat outfit and started my membership right after the outfit expired. It was extremely depressing.

15-Apr-2016 04:31:04

Serene Steel
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Serene Steel

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As a Premier Member, I don't support this.
If you miss anything, it's really kind of a "too bad, wait for it to return".

For all we know, Jagex might shuffle it into another Premier package in the distant future.

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I'm sorry that you have missed out on the mahjarrat outfit, i too have missed out on many cosmetics over the past few years, however re-releasing it will anger many current premier club members seeing as they have paid the full price at the right time for something promised as 'exclusive'.

16-Apr-2016 08:08:17

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There's plenty of combinations to make Mahjarrat-esque outfits! Personally, I think the actual one is lame. Kind of bland.

You do need gray skin like I have, though.
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17-Apr-2016 09:13:05



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Dear Jagex please can u make existing mahjarrat outfit ( from premier club) re-colourable? pleaseee Its really hard to find something what matches with mahjarrat head and the rest of the outfit doesnt look that well, at least not to me, because if u look at mahjarrats, most of them have long robes and they matches with their hood so it d be really cool if we could re-colour it =)

23-Dec-2016 23:20:28

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