Super hero themed outfits

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I would like to say that i have never been (and am not) a fan of any comic/super hero

it would be cool to see outfits loosely based on Super heroes. Ive seen players try to replicate this, but theres just not a suitable wardrobe for it.

Things like Super man/Wonder woman
Maybe a Vyrewatch themed batman outfit, or others.
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01-Aug-2017 23:36:01

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I think if they were to do this, they would need to make up their own superheroes. I am not a fan of things based on DC/Marvel heroes in the game.

Besides, if you really want to be a super hero, people can make their own.
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02-Aug-2017 13:10:37

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They did a superhero promo years back, as mentioned. One of the rewards allowed me to make this:


Hair: Tarnished Iron Windswept Quiff and Short Full beard.
Body: Beach Swimming Outfit
Legs and Feet: Hiker
Hands: Bare
Weapons: Superhero Claws
Walk Animations: Barbarian/Spirit Hunter. Spirit Hunter looks more like Wolverine's mindless primal rage stance when moving
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