More bank booster please.

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So then you can ask them for more in a month or so when you fill your bank up with more random junk you refuse to look through?
Sure there must be things ether not goin to use,or have no use for.Plus things can ether store in the poh which is handy since stores pretty much anything wardrobe wise,then the cosmetics can store in it etc.

best part is can buy the flatpacks for stuff on the ge without even needing the level to make them.And costs way less then it does to train to that level to get them.

Pets can store in the poh up to like 30 or something.
prob a good idea to look through stuff and ask yourself is this item something im goin to use in the near future?if your answer is no then get rid of it.
Like most quests items are only good for that one quest then never touch again etc.Maybe the odd time may use something for two quests but very rarely.
Even old sets of armour/weapons which become pretty useless after a few levels higher then it took to wear it.Though the 70 gear is good up till 99 but anything less is pretty much junk.

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I look through it every day. Jagex gives new stuff so I want to keep new stuff and old stuff

and everything in between.

I do realize there has to be a limit of bank boosters. I can accept this... But if we are willing

to pay. Why not sell?

Elsa Anne would you add me in game. I have a question about your avatar.
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Elsa Anne
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Thank you for the advice guys, but most of the "junk" in my bank are fashionscape items and skilling outfit so i cant just throw them away, and of course pvm armor, loot tab, rune tab, farm run and herb tab etc etc aaaand doses of commonly used potions from (1) to (6). But yeah mostly fashionscape items :P

I still have 10~15 spaces left but it's just tiring when i need to get stuff from either diango or house, for example when killing nex i need to retrieve ancient armor and void from poh then return it afterwards.
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