Where's casual theme clothes?

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I know that Mr. Solomon has a great clothing taste for many variable styles and cultures,
but where's the "Casual" clothes?

You know, a sweet smoking suit, blazer, white trilby hat, panama hat, striped vest, beige pants, oxford, derby shoes, like every character that you can see on Godfather or The Great Gatsby,

And I KNOW that this game is not medieval anymore, It's a crazy acid trip!
with wings of all shapes and fabulous colorful outfits of mother nature,

Ten years still waiting for a black suit and nothing,
So what's the matter?

Just make another PayPal promotional limited edition deal, like the blue samurai outfit, It can be expensive, like over 100 bucks, because everybody will be crazy to look like a gangsta, Jagex will swim in 'green papers' and players will be happy,
It's simple, practical and stylish,

What'ya think?

22-Jun-2018 19:40:03

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Love the idea for the outfits. "Casual" female outfits sound great.

I do not like the idea of tying this to yet another Buy-more-Runecoins-Get-An-Outfit-For-Free deal. I still have a ton of runecoins to spend from the last two deals but there has been barely anything new to spend them on.
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23-Jun-2018 16:47:56



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First off, I think the term you are thinking is 'formal' clothing.

Second, I am also against it being paypal crap. I use paypal, but a lot of people don't and it shouldn't be exclusive to how you pay.

And finally, there is formal clothing in the game. And no, people aren't going to spend 100 buck on it and most people don't like the 'gangster' clothing. It also wouldn't match the game. This game isn't middle ages anymore, but there is still an expectation.

As for formal clothing already in game, we have the tux clothing that just came out in Treasure Trails back in March or so. And there is a number of outfits you can already get that is 'Formal' in the SGS.
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