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I haven't played runescape for 11 months, and now that i'm back i checked Solomon's and there isn't no new content.

There used to be new stuff every month or two, so is sad that there's no new things for more than a year.

I think is time for new Solomon's runecoins itens releases, like outfits, pets, and stuff like that.

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Yeah, all of 2017 we were wondering why there hadn't been any new releases, especially when Menaphos came out. We thought for sure that is why they weren't making new things, but that ended up being false.

We did get 2 capes throughout the year, plus I think the Gorilla came out at the very start of 2017, but the capes were only limited time.

Since the SGS team was responsible Spring Festival, Summer Beach, Novemberfest, and all of the little collect 10,000 things and turn in events, it may have put a set back on the SGS releases.

I am hoping in 2018, we will be getting more things.
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Same, 2017 didn't have much to offer, whenever i get back into RS the SGS is the first thing I check for new content. Jagex, I wanne give you my money gimme a reason to waste it on useless, but fabulous cosmetics. Ive never bought keys and I never will, progression wise I want to keep my playthrough as natural as possible, but as soon as i see an excuse to buy runecoins I will.

02-Jan-2018 15:04:55

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