Waistline (Female character)

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Hello I've recently noticed that the female waistline appears to be a bit lower than it should be. This is most noticeable using an outfit which includes a skirt.

Here is an example :

Here's how hiding the waist part with a duck ring looks :

Here's another combination of top and the same skirt :

I know all these pictures have the same skirt and though it wouldn't matter much I have noticed this in quite a few outfits including skirt-like legwear.

This is just my opinion on how the skirts should be feel free to post what you think.

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there are countless graphical issues in the female character but they wont change until theres a player character rework
it might be done next year if given enough votes
this year it ALMOST made the list but with the whole weather changes and bank rework and expansions they couldn't work on this as well
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It's such a waiste of potential.
See what I did there? :P
Remove TH, and put stuff from TH to Solomon's store as guarantees. No disappointment to the average player who only uses free keys which yield trash, and those who do buy into MTX can have a clear idea what the thing they want is going to cost them.

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Cant wait for the player character update. Its good to put this in the SGS forum, maybe people would buy more outfits if they fit right and looked anatomically correct. Its obvious everyone cares what they look like

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