Earning RuneCoins, how to?

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I was wonder if someone could enlighten me on the successful way of earning Rune Coins. When I started researching this, there are so many negative reviews. So, are people doing it wrong? Could someone help me out?
I wouldn't mind donating to a good cause to earn some rune coins. I think there is a wild life one, and one for kids. I would do those for a few months.

Is the process really...
1.) Go to earn page
2.) Pick a category
3.) fill out the information and payment

Where are the rules, are there minimums per month to donate?
Do I have to use the same e-mail and information as my runescape account?
What's the secret to making this process work 100% of the time.

Any information would be helpful thanks,

12-Mar-2019 15:32:43

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I want FREE runecoins.

I used to do them all the time and over a 4 year period got over 24k runecoins
spread across 4 accounts.

I have never did a donation. If I have to put money toward something I might
as well just buy the runecoins.

when you first go to do the "earn" you will fill out a profile. Then anytime you do
a survey ( I only do peanut labs as I cannot get super rewards to pay out.

The main thing make sure you fill out the pre survey questions with answers
that fit the profile you did at the beginning of trying to "earn" runecoins.

Some take a while to do but if you just sit and do them and don't try to play
the game at same time you can get done lots quicker.

When I see people say its a "scam" I beg to differ but again I only do the

Oh and One thing you should really do.. SET up a spam email so that all
the thousands of spam emails you will get from this wont affect your real
email account.

I never do anything that requires me to put in my real address, phone
number etc. That to me is private. I don't give out my phone number.
The closest thing I do is put in my post code or zip code.

If in doubt when a survey gets too personal, I just forget it and move on
to the next one. I had one ask for my drs name once when I was doing
a survey about health issues. I was like wtf?? and just x'd out.

Earning runecoins does work but it takes time and patience.

Good luck!
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13-Mar-2019 01:38:13

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