Why poll easyscape?

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Oh my gosh theyre polling an 4k xp/hr increase to a agility course to be on par / little better xp/hr than ardy rooftop but has several other requirements: Whole elf quest series and

75 Agility
70 Construction
70 Farming
70 Herblore
70 Hunter
70 Mining
70 Smithing
70 Woodcutting


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scousy said:
Why is increasing agility xp rates being polled? Obviously everyone will vote yes because that's what everyone wants. I'm voting no to this.

That very likely because nobody is really interested in the "new" agility course according to this Jagex stats:

"Since we released the quest:
It has been completed 15,044 times.
The Gauntlet has been completed 32,864 times.
Players have died in the Gauntlet 57,139 times.
The Corrupted Gauntlet has been completed 935 times.
Players have died in the Corrupted Gauntlet 12,566 times.
Players have defeated Zalcano 18,577 times.
Zalcano has defeated 17,866 players.
Players have run a total of 35,369 laps on the Agility course."

So it is like on the average, some random player in Priffdinas has completed like 2 laps on the agility course. That's really pathetic, so it needs either more interesting improvement or better reward, or both. :)

27-Jul-2019 18:47:53

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It doesn't make sense to me for that agility course to have such low exp.

does it matter though? Werewolf course is still the best in the game and it needs significantly less requirements to access

27-Jul-2019 20:39:15

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