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Noob Sitta
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Noob Sitta

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Does this situation about system errors, bugs and gitches continues to get ignored? Due to lack of professionalism and care for people's life/time sacfriced into the game for both sides satisfactions??

Money spent out our pockets to help you JAGEX feed your families and for us to have membership... The situation is about the EXP GLITCH

My account is name DoWatThyWilt I got defence exp still after having my attack styles preset on slash before logging out I received 2 defence from the mistake you JAGEX made!

Can a (MODl look into my account you owe me like nearly 100 exp on defence stat I would appreciate it a very lot! I'm a long time player since 2004 don't let me down cause this is how you lose numbers on players by quitting. - Thank You Respectfully, Tony

20-Mar-2019 22:06:54

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