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Killiane said:
People just don't understand that people don't actually care about a few new skins etc, but the way they are being added. It sets a precedent in the future to potentially add more and more aggressive mtx. It always starts with cosmetics...

They actually already planned to add more monetization methods to OSRS, but shhhh just don't call them MTX. They are just new opportunities to increase monetization. :)

"Collaborate with the team and community to drive the commercial vision and long-term
strategy for the game
Utilize extensive game analytics and player behavior analysis to monitor game performance and KPIs, identifying
new opportunities to increase user conversion, retention, and monetization

Product Director (Old School Runescape):


Anyway, "new opportunities to increase monetization" are going to come to OSRS. If you don't like cosmetics, beware of something you don't like a lot more. :(

To me, cosmetics is a good option.

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Lu k e said:
1st Legion said:
Lu k e said:
scousy said:
It failed so badly they had to cancel the poll l0l.
what a shame, guess the over reacting snowflakes of the community won.

You mean the around 30k osrs reddit users who were rallying around not setting a precedent for more mtx in the future? If you love mtx so much, go back to rs3.

LOL kinda like how you guys assumed Jagex would rig the votes eh? they proved you wrong on that one so stop assuming things it only makes you look foolish.

who said i love mtx? making up more stuff i see

i just know the difference from game breaking MTX to harmless ones, a shame you dont.

Why would Jagex rig the votes when they could just simply say "too bad you don't like Walmart and Pepsi this time, maybe we bring you Amazon and Coke next time"?


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