If F2P never came to OSRS...

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Jeremy Cheng said:
f2p should have never existed in the first place

Runescape began as free to play..
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25-Aug-2019 21:50:59

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Applejuiceaj said:
I honestly doubt there would be much of a difference to be honest.

Those that enjoy the members game would continue to enjoy the members game. And if the concern is that people wouldn't be able to pay with bonds, bonds came to RS the same year that OSRS was released. Considering swapping was prevalent (despite some of us being very against it) since the start of OSRS, it wouldn't surprise me if those wanting to use bonds were already swapping cash over every few weeks to purchase them on RS.

Thats crazy you think this being a mod?

If there was no F2P you really think this game would be a success as what it is now? Do you just pay for any game you have never heard of? No F2p this game would not be dead but it defo wouldnt have no where near the people it has.

Mobile - no one would download this if had to pay each month. All them free games. You have to be into runescape to be arsed to pay for membership. Rs3 would of come over yes but for new players i dont think (and you should be able to get stats) alot would buy membership without playing f2p 1st.


26-Aug-2019 11:42:01

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