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Moon Pandas
Jul Member 2018

Moon Pandas

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Jagex is quite terrible. They can't implement a single patch or update without ridiculous bugs and glitches. I just got scammed for a significant percentage of my bank today with an animation lock glitch that caused me to run outside the bank in world 343 when I was trying to trade. I figured since I'm a University student with a whole year of Java programming under my belt, the team at Jagex could really use my expertise. Is there a way I could submit a job application so they have someone who knows programming on their team.


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20-Mar-2019 19:50:05

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They'll probably want you to actually acquire your degree first, since you mention you're a university student.

Also, they'll probably want somebody with the capability to conduct simple internet searches.

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CM Nick

CM Nick

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Hi @Moon Pandas,

First of all, insulting a company is probably not a great beginning to a career there.

Secondly, on the off-chance this is not simply a trolling thread, LaoWa1 has provided you with the proper way to apply for a job at Jagex, and everything you need to know should be there.

Because of the reasons above, I think this topic can be locked :)

20-Mar-2019 22:46:50

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