So Jagex got scared lawl

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Tbh I've always hated that weapon, even when it came out. At least when it came out it was at least slightly expensive...they were like 150k in 2006. Even that is sort of a lot today. To me the biggest problem is the price...30k for a gmaul? That to me is almost as bad as how low whip price got in rs3

You are very wrong, I remember them going for 400k - 500k and that was a lot for a gmaul back then.

That's what I'm saying though they're way too cheap. Maybe they could raise the alch price but still.

Common drop from an easy slay creature. Too many slayer monsters that require lower slay lvls are too good, they need to buff the drops higher lvl required shit.

Including alts meta, and popularity of slayer does affect these too
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25-Aug-2019 03:53:49

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The problem is that the gmaul is disposable. You don't worry about protecting it, meaning you can bring a good +1 weapon, and not care if u drop the gmaul.

Unlike other spec weapons like claws or ags which are your +1, meaning you have to risk your other weapon(s).

Most gmauls get alched on the spot because they are only 2-3k above alch on the ge.

25-Aug-2019 09:31:53



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nah its fine scince the gmaul is basically a +1 now meaning low levels will be risking like 350k instead of 30k

The gmaul is only really good on low lvl pures OR when combined with weapons such as ags or elder maul. Now you have to risk 350k if you want to do that combination.
Dont make easily botted activities such as skilling profitable

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