The Balance of Nostalgia

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Does anybody else here think Old School Runescape is the perfect balance between nostalgia and new content? In my opinion, OSRS is like those politicians who are neither Republican nor Democrat, they are somewhere in the middle. Old School Runescape is a happy medium. :)

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I think it caters a bit too heavily towards the nostalgia personally. I play the game because I like it, not because of nostalgia. Almost all my favorite content is new at this point.

Let's see. Today I spent a while doing some Corrupted Gauntlet runs, then I did some Master Clues, and in between all of that I did some farming in the Farming Guild, some Birdhouse runs on Fossil Island. And if I wasn't doing any of that, I'd be doing my slayer task by fighting the Abyssal Sire.

So... yeah, basically all new content.

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Penguin Lord said:
nostalgia wears off. OSRS wouldn't be around anymore if that's all it was. it's just, in the most basic of language, the better game
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The nostalgia wore off a long time ago for me, personally. I still love the game and play all the time but the nostalgia isn't what keeps me playing; I just really like the game as a whole. I do miss the newbie days where everything was something special that I hadn't discovered before, but that time has long passed.

I spent hours back in the day just wasting time doing something completely inefficient, but I was doing it because I thought it was fun. Today I play the game a little more structured; I usually choose the more efficient method over the more entertaining one. The nostalgia is gone but the love for the game is still there. I don't think Old School can survive on just nostalgia though because well, the community is different now. The new content helps to fill in the gap after you lose that nostalgic feeling, but it's not quite the same.

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The nostalgia factor has been long gone for me. As much as i hate to say it; i keep coming back to osrs because of the time i've already put into it, dont want it to go waste.

Think its called Sunk cost fallacy. So, yeah: New content > Nostalgia for me

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