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Jagex can tell what client you're using to a limited extent.

They know if you're using the default client.

They know if you're using OSBuddy.

They know if you're using Runelite.

They know if you're using a botting client.

OSHD client functioned in a way that was identical to the botting client, and would be mistakenly identified as such.

Part of the original controversy with Runelite revolved around its open source nature, which meant that bots could be developed with the client. Runelite-like bot clients could potentially be indistinguishable from the runelite client itself.

Jagex can identify clients. I do not believe they can identify all plugins used, however, which is why a blanket third party ban is needed. Jagex can certainly tell when someone modifies the click order for something like menaphites or prayer altars.

However, I doubt Jagex would be able to detect plugins that show where enemy attacks will land, plugins that solve clue scroll puzzles, etc, since they don't actually change what the player is interacting with. Even RS3 has overlays for these, which would be impossible for Jagex to detect. And yet nothing is done about these.
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