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Grumpy Dane
Mar Member 2018

Grumpy Dane

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RSN: Grumpy Dane
Combat Level: 126
Prayer Level: 99
Total Level: 2000
Agility Level: 78 (working on 80 atm)
Are you applying as a ranged tank: no but i can be one :)
PvM Experience: Everything upto Raids 1 (Were going for ToB on tuesday me and some friends)
Who recommended you to our clan/how did you find us: Well to friends of mine (Melongrab, Nik0g)
Do you agree to the clan rules: Yes i do :)
Do you have 100m worth of PvM gear: Yeah i do, and alot more than that :)
What extra can you receive from tanking: Bandos boots, Zammy hilt, Godsword Shards & Steam Battlestaff's.
Former clan and why did you leave: Was apart of Pvm's Finest untill the disbanded, after that i took a break.

21-Jul-2018 21:48:22

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