ACPvM 110+ PVM/PVP Clan. V2

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Apply via our Discord Application server:
AC Chat

Stat Requirements

- 110 combat+
- 70 prayer+ with piety
- 90 Range
- 90 Magic
- 78 Herblore (or working towards)
Please note that we accept viable maxed accounts such as Zerkers, Range tanks etc.

Gear requirements can be found on our applications discord.


AC is a PvM and PvP Clan. We offer players a relaxed and fun atmosphere to play in. And the added bonus of having Pkers who can protect us in the wilderness.

Why Join?

-We teach raids
-We make bank
-Active cc/discord
-Elitism/Toxicity Free
-Not Strict, Fun Focused

Clan Events

Raids teaching
PvM Masses
Minigame Masses
Drop Parties


Discord is Required.
All information on Clan events, new members, updates and other important information is shared through Discord

J amesBTW
J aa c k

Will Osrs
A n g e I
X ander

Clan Ranks and how they are earned

Trial Member
This member has been accepted to the clan. They have been checked on Runewatch and gear checked. They are on discord. During this time they are to get to know the community by participating in events, the clan chat and discord.

Full Member ~ One Banana
This member meets all of the gear and combat requirements. They are in discord and are an active part of the community. They have split over 50m. Or Have 50 raids killcount.

Two Banana
This is an advanced member of the clan. They have split over 150m.

Three Banana
This is a very active member in the clan and has split over 300m.

Bronze Star
This member goes above and beyond for the clan and helps when they can. This player is an example to other players and has split 500m.

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