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BloodLustPvE is a mature, fair, and welcoming 110+ PvE (Player vs Everything) clan looking to welcome new members. If there is something you wish to learn, this is the clan for you. We're willing to teach and train any player.

Player vs Everything means we do a little bit of everything. PvM, Skilling, Pking, Chilling. We are a fairly new clan, but rapidly growing. We would love to have your company and membership. We have an active discord and want you to be a part of our community.

CC: BloodLustPvE
Home World: 320


BloodLustPvE was founded in 2017 by two friends who were tired of day to day nonsense of a typical clan. You can expect to find friendship, maturity, and consistent activity. We expect all players to treat others the way they wish to be treated, within reason. Bullying will not be tolerated whatsoever. Expect immaturity, rudeness, and unsportsmanlike conduct to be dealt with swiftly and accordingly.


Requirements are listed below:

-110 Combat
-Discord is required


Copy the following application to a new post, answering accordingly. Join the in game CC and let a staff member know it needs to be reviewed.

What is your total level?

What is your combat level?

Do you have Barrows Gloves?

Why did you leave your previous clan?

Do you use Discord?

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You must meet the listed requirements to rank up. Upon ranking up, split values reset and begin from zero. For example, when you reach 100m splits, 30 days in clan, and 1500 total, you rank up. Total splits reset to a zero value.

Smiley Rank

-New Recruit
-Meets basic clan requirements


-1500 skill total
-30 days the clan

Corporal (two Chevron)

-1650 total
-100m splits in your name
-90 days in clan

Sergeant (three Chevron)

-1800 total with required levels
-200m in your name
-180 days in clan

**Staff positions are based on a needed basis and no amount of time in clan guarantees a staff position.

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