World of Bossing 115+PvM/Raids

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Revived in 2019 - Come Join Us

World of Bossing
PvM/Social clan for Runescape players who are looking for knowledgeable, reliable, and focused players ready to take on any task at hand in game. Whether you spend your days at God Wars killing Bandos, taking on the Chambers of Xeric or the Theater of Blood, constantly returning to Duradel for the next assignment, or just progressing towards your max cape, WoB CC is the place to be. A large number of our members also play ironman accounts in the downtime. Come hang out with us, and get to know some new people.

Founded in September 2016
[Revived 2019]

Our official clan chat:

Clan Requirements

115 Combat
90+ Magic
90+ Ranged
70+ Prayer

Barrows Gloves
Fire Cape
Piety Unlocked
Rune Pouch
Elite Void or both Bandos and Arma
Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword
Toxic Blowpipe
Toxic Trident of the Seas
Crossbow (Rune, Armadyl, or Dragon)
Dragon Defender
in bossing gear not listed above

Suggested Stats
(Not Required)

- 77 prayer, rigour unlocked.
- 82 construction, Ornate Pool
- 78 herblore (Raids potions)
- 94 Magic (Vengeance/Barrage)

If you are interested in joining the clan, copy and paste the following blank application posted below, and reply to this thread with it filled out correctly. You may join cc after doing so, and inform a rank that your application has been posted.

A Bronze/Silver Star will accept your application on the forums. Once a Gold Star has logged in, they will rank you in the Clan Chat. We check new ranks once or twice a day.

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RuneWatch - Preventing Theft/Scams

Here at
World of Bossing
, we do not put up with
for any reason. Therefore, as every new applicant posts their application on the forums, one of our admins will be checking current and previous names on RuneWatch to ensure no previous history of misleading clan members.

Our goal is to build a group of friends that are 100% trustworthy and always willing to help each other out.

Thank you all for participating and helping the community to grow and be a better place.

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Ranking System

One Banana
- One banana rank gives permission for all members to attend any bossing trip or event of the clan. It also gives unrestricted access to Discord and the features it offers.

Two Banana
- Members have been in the clan for a period of time, and have attended a few trips with fellow clan members. Typically, these members have been trusted with a small amount of splits on trips, and are somewhat active in our clan chat.

Three Banana
- Members have been in the clan for an extended period of time, and frequently attend trips with members of the clan. These members have split a number of items among their trips. Members who hold this rank are also frequently active in both clan chat, and discord.

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Bronze Star
- Members that achieve the rank of Bronze Star have gone above and beyond to show their commitment to the game, and bossing in general. These members have been trusted with a very large amount of splits, and are frequently in discord and clan chat. Bronze star is a kick rank, and will act as moderator of the Clan Chat during times of conflict.

Silver Star
- This rank is reserved for the highest achieving of members within the clan. These members have been active for a long time, partake in a number of activities with the clan, and are generally viewed as the most responsible in the clan. Tenure, nor split guarantees this rank. Silver star ranks are picked by the clan leaders. They hold moderator in Discord, as well as in clan chat. Silver star has the final say on matters within the clan chat when gold star members are absent.

Gold star
- Permanent owner rank of World of Bossing
* Skydiver
* Table Shower

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Clan Rules

World of Bossing
is a friendly, laid-back group of people. That being said, in order to ensure everyone has a good time, there are a few rules everyone agrees to follow by joining. Please read through the following rules, and familiarize yourself with them.

* First and foremost, all Jagex rules apply.
* Profanities and other banter is allowed in CC/Discord within reason.
* Drama happens but instigation of it is not tolerated.

Lending Items

* We
recommend against lending any items.
* Lending items is
at your own risk
* Only star ranks have gained a high level of trust for borrowed items..
* Scammers are reported to RSJustice. That is all we can do..


* We prefer not to talk about staking in chat.
* You need gear to boss at all times. Keep this in mind..
* No lends or commission staking


* Leading PvM trip
- Any rank may host a trip
- Leader sets rules, participants must agree before starting the trip
- Leader decides who can participate in the trip

* Participating in PvM
- Trial Member (Smiley) or higher may participate.
- Must agree to rules set by leader of trip.
- Items being split must be handed over to highest rank.
- Have the appropriate gear for the trip.
(Note: In an effort to avoid conflict or potential scams, we will NOT allow anyone without a rank in the clan to participate in PvM trips. There are no exceptions to this rule.)

* Tanking
- Shards, Bandos boots, and Steam battlestaff drops go to the tank.
- This rule must be agreed upon BEFORE the trip begins.

* Loot/Drops
- All loot is given to highest rank participating in trip. Meet at G.E. same world to split.
- All shares will be agreed upon before starting the trip.

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Copy and paste this application as a response to this thread, and correctly fill all questions in. After doing so, please join
'WoB CC'
and you may inform a rank you have applied.

*Current Runescape Username:

*Did you find us through forums, or a current member?
-If current member, who?

*Will you use Discord for bossing trips and clan announcements?
(Discord is a requirement)

*Total level:
*Combat level:

*Do you meet gear and skill requirements listed above?

*Current time-zone:

*What sort of bossing experience do you currently have?

*Any other comments or concerns you may list here

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