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Unthinking Majority

Welcome to the Unthinking Majority forum! We're an open PvM/Social Clan dedicated to enjoying the game with a fantastic community to enjoy it with.


Welcome to the Unthinking Majority! We have been through a lot with our friendly group of scapers. From Illuminaughty, to Stealing Society, to Unthinking Majority, we have stuck together to create a positive environment that supports the goals of every play. We are composed of many different people, staying loyal to an idea of friendly & social scaping through our time in OSRS! We are a friendly, but mature, group of friends always looking for new recruits into our little family in Gielinor. We offer spontaneous events & planned events when requested that supports all styles of play. Our focus is on our members, and always will be. Welcome to thread number 4, boys & girls.
Our previous thread can be found here.

I : Introduction
II : Rules of the Land
III : Clan Application
IV : The Ranks System
V : Administration Team: Ranks
VI : Administration Team
VII : Events
VIII : RuneWatch Information Post
IX : The O.R.A Information Post

Come check out the CC & see what’s up!

Clan Chat: UM CC
Clan Homeworld: 342
Clan Twitter:

Clan Applications Discord:

Discord is our main way of discussing when events are going to happen as well as voice communication or giving people updates on any situations going on cc or just to generally post memes & jokes. Once you have been accepted to the Clan, you may ask a moderator or above for an invite to the Discord.

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Rules of the Land

All JaGeX rules apply, no exceptions!

Do not beg for items in CC or in PMs.
ALL item(s) borrowed must include equal Collateral.

Use appropriate Behavior and Word Choice.
Bigotry, racism, and prejudice have no place in our cc. If you are caught using such language by a moderator who deems it fitting to any of the aforementioned categories, you will be given a stern warning to stop. If you are to not abide by the warning, it will result in a temporary kick from the Clan and immediately put on a final warning.

Be wary of any sensitive topics of discussion.
We have a diverse community with many different beliefs. Appropriate discussion is allowed, attacking and berating is not.

Do not encourage/advertise staking.
Keep your winnings/losses to yourself. Don't post or brag about it in the clan chat, on the forums, or on our Discord server. Don't attack, stake, or lure other members.

No Multi-Clanning.
You are NOT allowed to join any other PvM or PvP clan on any of your accounts while being a member of UM CC. You MAY join any mini-game, skilling, RS3, Deadman, or Iron Man Clan Chat, but remember UM CC is your home and should be treated as that you are part of our family. If we find that you hold a rank of value in another clan, you will lose your rank in ours. If you’re out the Clan Chat consistently, your rank WILL be removed.

Do not attempt to solicit any in-game services that require an exchange of account details and/or IRL currency.

First Offense:
Verbal warning & referral to the rules
Second Offense:
Temporary dismissal
Third Offense:
Permanent dismissal

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Clan Application

Once you have read through and understand the rules, please copy/paste the following app below and fill it out. Lieutenants+ will be able to accept you on our forum and you'll be ranked a Smiley in the CC ASAP.

This is a Clan dedicated to finding great personalities. We realize a great personality doesn't always have the best account, so we have no level requirement. Everyone is welcome to join the Clan

Ranks are for loyal members, if you are consistently out of the CC you WILL lose your rank

Link to our Discord Applications Server:

New applicants may join this server OR post an app here!
New Member Application (copy/paste as a reply to this thread)






Please join the CC to wait for approval & let us know you've applied so we can accept you sooner!

For Lieutenant use only:

Welcome –Applicants Name Here –!
Your application has been accepted and we hope you have a warm welcoming to Unthinking Majority! We hope you enjoy your stay with us and we can't wait to see you in game. Don't hesitate to make some friends and start chatting in the cc with us.
Please be sure to BUMP this forum every now and then to help us grow.
Thank you and see you soon!

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To keep your rank, we ask for all members to be present in CC and spread the word about our CC and directing interested scapers to our forums or the Application Discord to help the Unthinking Majority family grow.

Trial Member

Smiley Ranks are handed out to players who have completed the Application Process and have been accepted into UM CC.

Official Member

This rank is given to members who have shown interest in being part of the CC after 1 month. Lack of activity or presence as a trial member will extend this trial. A severe lack of interest and activity will lead to a full derank.

Reputable Member

To receive this rank, members have frequently bumped our forum and/or spread the word about our CC, shown activity in CC, and actively PvMs as well as attending events regularly with the clan. Discord is a requirement to obtain Corporal.

Extraordinary Member

This rank is handed to and voted on by members of the moderation team and above. Sergeants have proven to us that they are loyal and trustworthy members. (Whether Sergeants have proven it to the Mod Team by splits, the initial time of being active to the present in CC, recruiting, etc)

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The Administation Team - Ranks

- A member of the Moderation team of the chat

Lieutenants moderate the chat and give out advice whenever you may have a question. If you have a concern, let them know via private messages or get their attention in the chat. If chat is out of line, they’ll be the first to make sure the CC gets calm with warnings, so respect their warnings or you’ll be kicked.

- A member of the Administration Team

Captains go the extra distance for moderator decisions within the CC and help with any administrative decisions. They were once bronze stars and have worked their way, helping with our community to get the rank of silver. They are the second in command underneath our generals, and will deal with issues concerning the moderation team as well.

- The current Leaders of the Clan

Generals handle all of the behind-the-scenes work and make this clan truly what it is for all of us. Any and all concerns can be brought up with them, and they will have the final word over any decision made. However, if they truly feel an issue is due to a clan member, they can initiate an executive punishment and dismiss a clan member from the clan.

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The Administration Team


My Revival
Suns Light


Sweet FA


God Robb
Z ion

Please treat every member of our administration team with the highest respect. They are here to ensure order and to make sure we have an amazing time as a clan.

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At the heart of our clan is our wonderful and welcoming community.
So during the week, we like to break the cycle and add some excitement by hosting many different type of events!

In-game Events:

~ Monthly Skilling Competitions ~
~ Wicked Wednesdays ~
~ Fashionscape Fridays ~
~ Godwars Dungeon Saturdays ~
~ Hide & Seek ~
~ Drop Parties and House Parties ~
~ Raid Masses ~
~ On The Fly Events (All forms of PvM Bossing) ~
~ PvP Tournaments ~
~ Boss of the Week ~
~ Boss “Barcrawl” Competitions ~
~ Burthrope Games Room Events ~


~ Secret Santa ~

Misc/Discord Events:

~ Monthly Movie Nights ~
~ Cards Against Humanity Nights ~


Original message details are unavailable.

Not all events listed happen every week. You must be a ranked member (Smiley+) to participate in the aforementioned events.
If you left another clan due to the lack of PvM, while you're here, we've decided to let you know that while we do enjoy PvM and the new PvM content when it's released, we want you to know that we do embrace the social aspect of our clan as well. Our members mainly focus on raids, but there is still lots of other PvM'ing going on! If you are looking for a very active PvM clan and it's what you are after or may have left a previous clan for, this is just a small disclaimer. However, we are also a social clan. If you enjoy PvM but also spend time focusing on other aspects of the game, you should fit right in.

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RuneWatch Information Post

RuneWatch is a community run initiative that:

• List abusive players reported by the OSRS community.
• Help protect clans from recruiting harmful players.
• Act as a resource for clans and clan leaders to warn about these harmful players.
• Justifies, investigates and legitimizes every submission on a case-by-case basis.
• Actively name tracks accused players to ensure that no accused player can avoid being listed until any stolen wealth taken is returned.
• Actively name tracks victims to ensure that any returned wealth gets returned to the rightful owners.

This site is run by a trusted OSRS community whose members dedicate their time and effort into making sure that all listed cases are as legitimate and respectable as possible.

To improve communication and effectiveness, RuneWatch is directly supported by the O.R.A. to help keep OSRS clans updated and informed about any abusive players in the community. This communication is done through a dedicated Discord server by a large network of individuals who process and pass on information to ensure the community is safe.

To find out more information about RuneWatch, please visit their respective website or enquire directly via a member of the O.R.A Staff team.

Raids Workshops

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Want to learn how to raid the Chambers of Xeric? UM CC is a proud supporter of
We Do Raids
, a group of mentors who lead formal workshops that teach players of all caliber how to successfully navigate and beat the Chambers of Xeric. Visit the We Do Raids Discord server for more information:

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Original message details are unavailable.
The OSRS Republic Alliance

The OSRS Republic Alliance (O.R.A) is a clan union that co-operates with RuneWatch with the aim of uniting all Old School Runescape Clans.
The goal is to unite all clans under one banner to give the clan community a greater voice in the game. By working in unison a safe and friendly environment for clans to reach out for each other will be created.
With a large number of high-profile clans already participating and with large community events being hosted it is recommended that all members take the time to read the O.R.A forum and understand what the union is for.

You can view The OSRS Republic Alliance forum by using this QFC:

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