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-= Skill N' Chill =-
A social focus with the intent to delve into Raids/PKing

Why join Skill N' Chill?

Skill N' Chill is aimed at a friendly environment that's fun and helpful for new or experienced players. Our goal is to be a clan that'll have people staying to enjoy each other's company while also keeping the spirit of Old School Runescape alive!

Looking for a relaxed clan chat to ease your grinding? Perhaps join in on some events to break up the monotony? We think you'll love it here!


1. Treat others with kindness and respect.
2. Don't flame or insult anyone in the clan maliciously.
3. Do not beg for gold or items from anybody, whether they are in the clan or not.
4. Hate speech is a zero tolerance policy here. This includes, and is not limited to, racism, sexism or any disabilities.
5. Scamming other players will not be tolerated. Anyone caught scamming will be removed.
6. Keep controversial topics such as religion and politics civil, and preferably to a minimum!

We do lean towards common sense, we're not ridiculous!

What goes on in Skill N' Chill

We've got a multitude of planned and ongoing activities, here are some examples.

Skilling Events
(With Prizes!)

Corp Beast Event
(Sundays 1:00 PM CST)

Group Pest Control
Casual Raids
Chilling in Discord ;)
PKing events are a work in progress!

And we're always open to more ideas!

How do I join?

We've got some members that you can contact if you'd like to ask anything or join! We've also got a nifty discord link here




Zaythi/Zaythi Btw
MaX0 kReAm


Nigerian Cat

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