Os Legends -Irons/PK/PVM

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Hello & welcome to Os Legends we are a clan that has been around since day one OSRS however we have only TODAY after 5 years REOPEN.

We have Superior leadership in the areas of iron-men methods led by Rank 1 HCIM Prayer
Our Pk unit is led by a professional player killer.
The Raids coach is efficient in all aspects of raiding!

This community is for normal & irons to come together in a healthy environment leaving all toxic behavior out of the chat.

We Empower & motivate each-other avoiding confrontation / childish attacks.

You are welcome to join the CC "H O U S A N" even before approval.

Small backstory of H O U S A N First 99 Def/Hitpoints in OSRS.




Ranks will be earned from your Merit within the clan / Efforts on Recruitment.

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Combat level: 98

Total level: 1460

Notable Skill Levels: 99 magic

Former OSRS Accomplishments: PKer back in 07, recently started playing on again

Region/timezone: EST

Brief introduction: Long time player getting back into the game with a new account, looking for people to pk with. Working on 99 range and 99 str.

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