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Someone was at the ge trying to buy some rings (jade i think) for more than what they were worth because they had "reached their buy limit" so i thought i would help out and make some gold in the process. I learned my lesson from this scamming trick. He was asking for 3k rings and he would buy them for 4k each. I only bought 1k rings making the total 3.5m, and yes, the rings costed 3.5k each at the ge even tho the ge price is 1.6k. Thats what made this scam so dirty because he knew the rings wouldnt sell if you didnt go thru with his scam. Anyways, when we went to trade i offered the rings, and he offered 3.9m, 100k less than what he originally said. Then he changed the price to 4m like he had made the mistake offering 100k less, but when he accepts, he goes back and changes the price to 400k instead of 4m so if youre not paying attention to the 0's, you get scammed out of 3.6m. When i realize what he had done, i declined (leaving me with 3.5m worth of rings that wouldnt sell) and he hopped worlds for his next victim. Even tho i knew the rings wouldnt sell, i put them up for grabs at the ge anyways for jusr a few coins less than what i paid. Surely enough within 20 mins they had all been bought at once with nearly a full gp return so i ended up getting my gold back. Whoever bought all those rings for nearly 2k more per ring, was probably that scammers next victim and i kinda felt bad after that, knowing someone else was getting scammed just like i almost did.

Also, I FOUND THAT GUY ON ANOTHER WORLD like 20 mins after i got my gold back. I was quick to unblock him from the ignore list from reporting him for scamming, just to ask him how his scamming was going in that world. His response was "fam" and hopped worlds again lol

Unblocking him didnt unreport him did it?

07-Dec-2017 17:29:46

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I got a question/staement... so last night I was playing osrs.. and some person messaged me on private chat and said something like..... " greetings you have been chosen to get osrs beta mobile app please go to to get started." I was like "uhhhhhhh is this legit??" And nothing. I mean wouldn't jagex send me an email or something? Just curious I don't know if I am in the right forum or what but if anyone could answer that would be cool.

14-Dec-2017 08:09:13

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Watch out for the dragon bolts (unf)
The other guy will put regular dragon items to grab your attention off of the dragon bolts (unf)
The problem with unfinished dragon bolts is that the regular price is really high (masks the trade value) but the actually traded price is 3k

Always check the items on ge or wiki before trading them
This happened to me.

18-Jan-2018 16:21:50

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there's a new scam in pvp worlds, mainly world 25 in falador. the people will try to ask you to show them your bank value but when you trade him you some how run into the castle where they can kill you and you lose all of your things. this happened to me and i lost like 180m.

04-Feb-2018 16:25:56

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Read this———

Beware of this popular scam more people need to know about

If you think your being scammed, DONT try and anti scam the scammer. Just leave

popular scam techniques these days attack you with mind games. This scam involves 2 or more accounts. Account 1 is the typacal run of the mill scammer. Scammer 1 is trying to lure you in with a basic scam. Account 2 is a friend or more likely an alt. Account 2 will PM you and inform you account 1 is a scammer. Account 2 will try and tell you how to antiscam account 1 to gain money. Account 2 is actually misleading you and giving you a false sense of security to allow account 1 to scam you through a meathod you were completely unaware of.

Don’t try to antiscam the scammers because most meathods are full proof and a good scammer will know when you are trying to pull something. They will target you the more interactive you are.

16-Mar-2018 08:37:23

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