Looking for raid buddy

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Tvventi IQ
Jun Member 2017

Tvventi IQ

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My mates and I are looking for someone to casually raid with. You do not need experience, we will teach you if you appear to be dedicated to learning and have the gear. PM me in game or join my cc. We usually raid between 6 till midnight servertime. If you're interested in raiding with us let us know!

13-Mar-2018 15:02:10

The Raided
Jun Member 2018

The Raided

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G'day Jord im AEST and would be interested in joining, my mate and i have maxed accounts if you are interested in 2 more people? Feel free to send me a pm or just reply on this post :) Always happy to help and answer questions In-game, feel free to add me :)

15-Mar-2018 23:54:04

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