Please Help! Ruined my Pure :(

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I Husk 0wn I
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I Husk 0wn I

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I had a 1 def pure that I also planned to use for afk money making like wcing or fishing or today I decided to do the quests required for the magic secateurs. So I started by completing Nature Spirt...which gives 2000 defence XP. Is there any way to undo this horrible mistake? I feel so dumb for not looking at the rewards aside from the secateurs...someone please help! I don't know what to do I've invested so much time into my pure already :(

15-Mar-2018 18:18:41

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The only thing that can be done is go with it and turn it into a Zerker or main account, or start a brand new account. Jagex are unable to remove any XP from an account in OSRS. Let this be a lesson to be careful about doing quests in the future. Always look at the rewards, especially if trying to keep a skill low.

15-Mar-2018 21:51:43

Sir Joey
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Sir Joey

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I like your name first off. I piggy back what Tailz suggested, but I'd shoot for a zerker if you're looking for a lower level account. Just given my experience, I've never been a fan of 1 defence pures as you always can easily get spec'd out due to such a low defence. They are for sure fun, but always a risk.

Anywho, have fun and cheers!
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16-Mar-2018 16:50:34

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Thirteen defence is actually viable, my friend. It's not an unheard of build at all. Get that slayer helm, and good luck to you. You didn't ruin anything. Best Regards,


20-Mar-2018 04:08:25

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